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Celebrating 30 years of excellence

Our Share Values






MAT Strategic Vision

  • E

    Research based Evidence Informed Practice 

    • We ensure that we work together to develop practice that is influenced by robust researched evidence.
    • We use student central approach to plan and deliver outstanding lessons across MAT
    • We facilitate the access to research evidence in all areas to help our students achieve their full potential.
    • We encourage our staff to practice evidence informed teaching in  classrooms.
    • We provide opportunities for our staff and students for reflections and open-mindedness in adopting different pedagogical approaches and make lessons more engaging.
    • We are data driven and it helps us to make decisions effectively to improve the quality of education in our schools.
    • We have a great culture of sharing and learning from our experiences.
  • A

    Autonomous structure for continuous school improvement

    • We have excellent systems in place which help us in sustaining an outstanding learning environment across MAT. 
    • We are building a strong curriculum with a cohesive all through approach, nurturing every child from the very start from EYs to KS5. 
    • We are building strong leaders across the MAT with key strategic specialisms and shared initiatives. 
    • We are focusing on recruiting and training outstanding practitioners with excellent subject knowledge and the ability to inspire students.
    • We practise learning focused approach, helping our students to become independent learners and  developing senior and middle leaders with an effective CPD provision.
    • We believe in intelligent accountability leading to autonomy in outstanding leadership.
  • S

    Safe and happy environment for all

    • We take safeguarding of our students very seriously and utilise all provisions and resources available to keep students and staff safe, whilst spreading awareness of issues affecting our community.
    • We ensure that every child feels safe, happy and respected. 
    • We prioritise the mental health and  wellbeing of our staff and students across the academy. 
    • We have an inclusive climate in every classroom where all students feel intellectually and academically supported.
    • We are always looking to create links with wider community.
    • We encourage and promote SHARE values in all aspects of school life.
    • We have high expectations for behaviour clearly communicated to students. The consequences are consistently and fairly applied.
    • We aspire to create citizens of tomorrow who will live with the purpose of serving humanity
  • I

    Innovation and creativity at the heart of everything

    • We ensure that every student in our classrooms is challenged and engaged in their learning.
    • Our teachers use all resources and provisions effectively to deliver outstanding learning experiences.
    • We utilise provisions to enhance learning including the MAT website, online learning platforms, newsletter, GNSA TV  and parent comms effectively to support our students and the overall community.
    • We take the responsibility and ownership of developing learning resources that would help us and the wider community grow stronger academically, socially and spiritually.
    • We take pride in our work, achievements and values and use every platform effectively to celebrate.

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