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MAT Inclusion Event 2023

Reception Open Evening 2021

For the Reception Open Evening we shared all of the ways we support the pupils with the visiting parents. If you would like to find out more information, please contact the school SENCO.


External Parent Support Groups

For the parent workshops flyer April 2022 please click here

For the Sikh Neurodiversity network flyer please click here

Autism Awareness Week Parent Event 

On Friday 1st April we invited all parents to a drop in session to share what we have been learning and to share how the community, both school and local, can support neurodiversity in young people. 

We were fortunate to be joined by a representative from the Sikh Neurodiversity Network who are working towards establishing a network of support from Sikh community institutions for children with lifelong neurological characteristics such as autism. 

As a school, we have been learning about Neurodiversity Celebration Week alongside World Autism Acceptance week. During their allocated reading slots, the children enjoyed different stories that explain Neurodiversity and Autism through celebrating differences and the strengths different people have.

In class, pupils were learning to identify special things about themselves and recognising what makes them unique to support them to appreciate that autism is something that makes a person who they are. We watched a poem where Eli shares how being autistic affects him and how it is a different, special part of him that makes him who he is.